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Date, Time and Timezone

Once your reminder gets stored through our API, it gets scheduled to be delivered on the exact date and time you specified. You can also specify a given timezone for that particular reminder, or have a default one selected for all your reminders.


Reminders can have multiple notifications channels bound to them, at the moment we are only supporting SMS, Emails and Webhooks. But we're in the process of adding Push Notifications.

Powerful and secure API

Our API is served through HTTPS, all your customers data is encrypted and weekly backedup.

If you have any questions about our security measures, please feel free to email us at: support@reminders.company

Affordable Pricing

If you are in need of a custom plan, please feel free to get in touch.




200 Email Reminders

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$ 15.00

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5000 Email Reminders

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$ 40.00

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10.000 Email Reminders
500 SMS Reminders

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Don't ever miss a customer again

Don't ever miss a customer again

Our customers find that using automated appointment reminders decreases cancellations and no-shows.

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